Elections 2018 platform

Quebec Cosmopolitan Platform:

The main aim of Quebec Cosmopolitan Party is to make people happy and healthy. We will make it happen with your help so everyone pays his share and we all collectively benefit. Be creative. !

Quebec Cosmopolitan Party is requesting the five-year term. Do you know how to grow Chinese bamboo?  You will reap all the results during the full five years term.


I support all the ideas of the FTQ platform.



I realized that I am on the right path. I will add some more to the 24 points raised:

  • Raising the minimum wage to $15 fifteen dollars an hour, plus one dollar per year for the next five years
  • Revenue Quebec caused so much hardship and closures around the province. Investing 600 million to collect 150 million is not the equation.
  • Free transit for people with driver’s license and car registration during rush hours:
    • Before investing a single cent in the transportation industry and create more disruptions
    • Move the downtown core to another area – stores are closing
  • Return the surplus from Hydro Quebec
  • Privatize Hydro Quebec if needed
  • Sell the water as a clean resource to offset the oil and mining exploration
  • The government should protect businesses and industries that are suffering
  • Mandatory French language – Improve the french education in general
  • Montreal will become a bilingual business city
  • One French university and one English university FREE TUITION
  • Keep people healthy and active with incentives
  • National Military service to offset school dropouts and learn survival skills for our children
    • Eliminate young school dropouts
    • Support teen in broken families by giving them their self-esteem and confidence in themselves – avoid suicide and drugs and crime on the streets
    • Do the Quebec reservist program of 45 days after finishing CEGEP that will help our children of building their character discipline and survival skills
    • The government will finance their education and guarantee them careers
  • Eliminate the Welcome tax in Quebec
  • Reduce school taxes
  • No more homeless on the streets it is a priority – society is responsible for many
  • Evaluate the food banks and services related to them due to abuse in the system
  • Before increasing Immigration:
    • Prioritize people on welfare to get jobs first. Create more incentives for employers.
    • Analyze the specific needs for regional immigration
    • Evaluate and recognize diploma before immigrant arriving here
    • Human resources to match people with jobs on arrival
    • Mandatory French that can start at the country of origin
    • Re-evaluate the French courses that are not efficient and not properly assessed
    • Guarantee six months work for newcomers to acquire their Canadian experience
    • Create new towns self-sufficient and with ecology and AI in mind
    • Reassess the Investor immigration that ends in over taxation
  • Reduce business tax for new corporation 5% provincial
  • Bring the level of reporting GST QST to $50,000 a year
  • Simplify tax reporting by doing it at the source
  • One income tax report managed by CRA – the savings in reporting back to taxpayers
  • Reduce bureaucracy and reporting transactions
  • Encourage the middle class to reinvest again
  • Family allowance and Quebec support will be re-evaluated for fairness and universality
  • Ecology: Preserve our natural environment by doing more recycling incentives
  • Bring major industries back by electricity incentives and government ownership
  • Allow seniors to earn an extra income without affecting their supplement
  • Allow students to work without affecting their bursaries
  • Reinvent the prescription drug program and make it universal
  • Use more generic drugs – eliminate the abuse of reselling prescriptions
  • Use RESP education plans to subsidize private schools
  • Eliminate taxes for income under $20,000 a year
  • Eliminate provincial sales on all Quebec products
  • Protect religious liberties
  • Will offer a choice to close on Sundays to give relief for workers and families
  • Eliminate the sex imposed education and replace it with civic education
  • Introduce breakfast programs in all primary schools
  • Stop the border crossing immigration through Quebec
  • Public sector incentives with efficiency productivity and bonus reward programs
  • Support the aboriginal people of Quebec
  • Quebec Cosmopolitan will regulate and manage the cryptocurrency in Quebec
  • Create an ICO called COSMO COIN to finance the growing deficit and will be a versatile currency that will cut the deficit and increase the rating for Quebec
  • Introduce new laws for joint custody for fathers
  • Establish a new Order des Conseillers Financiers du Quebec
  • Instate financial education programs in high schools
  • Create cooking classes as part of the education program fight “Malbouffe in Qc”
  • Transparency in the financials and government spending
  • Transparency in access to information
  • Create a new human resources department to create and match jobs for welfare recipients
  • Enlarge Emergency ward in all hospitals
    • Impose a $5 token for the services
    • Reduce parking fees

Creating the MAGIC FIVE:

  • Refundable $500 credit  for domestic dog at home – applicable for declared income over $20,000
  • Will help keep people active and healthy as it relieves the lonely people
  • Refundable $500 credit for antique cars over 20 years old –  applicable for income over $20,000
  • Refundable $500 credit for joining a physical education center and exercise – all incomes
  • Local Quebec products only the 5% GST no QST
  • Minimum wages $15 an hour and introducing the 5 hours shift
  • Social assistance recipient will work 5 hours a day without losing their benefit  at $10 an hour not taxable – help the agriculture industry
  • GST QST registration at the $50,000 plus revenues – below that most people declare losses
  • Refund 5 cents for empty water bottles
  • Create new transport means called SERVICE-TAXI – stretched limo – which is carpooling at $5 per trip
  • Reduce provincial corporate tax to 5% for the first three years with certain conditions to job creation and training
  • Fix Hydro Quebec to 5 cents per kilowatt flat rate ALL YEAR around for the next three years
  • Increase the compensation for Taxi owners to $50,000 max according to their situation
  • Allow Free transit for 5 hours per day during rush hours 7:00 AM to 9:30 AM and 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM
  • Put a ceiling on taxes for over $50,000 net income  
  • Allow RRSP holders to use $5,000 for home improvements

More updates will be announced later.

Kamal G. Lutfi,  Leader of Québec Cosmopolitan

August 13th, 2018

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