Happy New Year 2019 – My personal view

2018 was an exciting year for me. I created the Quebec Cosmopolitan Party. It started with a vision. In June it became a reality. October 1rst provincial election was going to be an elimination period for the two long-standing titanic parties that of the Liberal and the Parti Quebecois.

Being part of the action was very stimulating and challenging. We witnessed the debates between the four parties covered by the media. It was a record year for political parties in Quebec. A total of 22 recognized political formation were approved by the Director-General of Quebec. Unfortunately only the four parties that had members in National Assembly were covered during the whole campaign. Personally, I had many interviews that were never aired. We were in the background and electors asked why we were not exposed to this democratic society. Added to this the regulations and requirements to keep up with DGEQ. Like many other candidates, I stumbled on one regulation that forced me to pull out only two weeks before the voting day.

One improvement was the meeting set by DGEQ to meet with official agents and representatives of all parties. Sixteen parties were present. I made some serious recommendations about the procedures and rules that were not following the trends. Like the lack of interest by the 2 million millennials in Quebec who were hardly voting. The DGEQ is spending millions on campaigns to teach teenagers about how to vote. In the meantime, only 40 percent of millennials voted at the previous provincial election. I told the DGEQ that we all follow their rules but they are outdated and many people will not participate in the debate. Nationalism is losing track in Quebec. Less than 30 percent of Quebecers support the separatist movement. But I urged the DGEQ to find a way to listen to Millennials. They lost their sense of belonging. We need to get them to feel more patriotism so they keep participating more, to voice their opinions and ideas. The idea of Cosmopolitanism is a continuation to patriotism and becoming Citizen of the World…

After the election, the DGEQ set up another meeting to get our feedback. He asked us if we were happy with their services during the campaign. Well, my answer was yes you did a great service. But I brought back my comments. The DGEQ did well with the rules they set. But with millions spent for the campaign, it is a disastrous outcome. Effectively a smaller participation in Montreal only 58.5% voted. The televised debates were not conclusive except for the surge of the left Solidarity party who got a lot of coverage as the underdog. No winners were declared. On October 1rst 2018 election, many voters were still undecided. The strategy was more like voting against or for the liberals again. The verdict was clear the Liberals took a beating. Quebecers didn’t want to talk about separation. The economy was good and many new jobs were created. The Liberals government left some money on the table about 3 billion dollars. Many voters decided not to go exercise their rights to vote. While surveys were showing an equal position between the PLQ and the CAQ, the lack of supporters for the liberals pushed the limit for the Coalition Party under Francois Legault who couldn’t believe the positive outcome. He finally won the election with 74 seats with a defeated Liberal party. The PQ Parti Quebecois took the hardest blow and was left with 10 seats. After 40 years and many separatist attempts, people had enough. The only worry I have is the surge of the extreme left Quebec Solidaire Party. Many promises for the environment. But at the same time a rebellion approach to everything. The free social communist approach to our society. Many free services and spending over 20 billion dollars in promises.

Back in 2012, I was a candidate with the CAQ. I was pushed aside following my comments about separatists being racist. Even though Legault admitted about the racism within the PQ when he was a minister. Now Francois Legault comes as a wolf with Sheepskin on his back claiming he is a federalist. It is only a matter of time to see the truth about him.

He is now back to his controversy about religious signs in public office. Also, the immigration promises to reduce the numbers to 40,000 from the present 50,000 quotas. Mr. Legault has no new ideas. He inherited a balanced budget with over 3 billion in surplus. If he starts giving away he will be spending what is available and cannot claim his leadership for creating it. He will promise a lot but in my opinion, he will achieve much less.

He is claiming to deliver some promises in his next March budget 2019. Quebec Cosmopolitan was the only Party talking about developing the Hydro surplus. Legault took my idea but didn`t even manage to bring it out to benefit Quebec. Instead during the Prime Ministers meeting in Quebec, he blasted the Dirty energy from Alberta versus his clean electric energy in Quebec. He blocked the idea of the oil pipeline going through the province but was insisting on every province to buy energy from Quebec. He also failed to secure any Hydro contracts with the United States…

What to expect in 2019, some tax reductions due to the fact the Francois Legault is terrified from the yellow vest movements in France and other countries. He can feel the pain for President Macron that may be forced to resign… Legault cannot handle defeat and he sure didn`t like the riots in the streets after his message of hatred and racism in Quebec. In 2019 he will have to face another movement of defiance towards his coalition government. It won`t be easy and will shake his ministers to the point that many will resign.  Working with Legault taught me that if you don’t do what he says you`re out. So I expect some early resignations.

I do support the Government. It is the choice of the people. I also support the continuation of growth and prosperity for Quebec and Quebecers. It doesn`t matter who is in power. They have to deliver and improve our province who is still one of the poorest in Canada. I think Legault is missing the boat already. The first 100 days in power were important to set the pace for the government in the new year. As you see no concrete promise yet and no viable solution to the many promises. If Legault`s government doesn`t act early this 2019 year, it will be doomed for failure in my opinion.

We need to see higher minimum wages, more tax cuts for seniors and students. New corporate incentive and reduction of government regulations that cripple the economy. Reduction of personal and corporate taxes…Better health care… Legault`s government is taking education as it`s main objective. Good to know but is he going to deliver on all his promises? He will stumble on immigration issue again. Imposing a french course that is outdated and inefficient. The integration of immigrants is a major issue due to the lack of recognition of diplomas and qualifications of newcomers… A doctor or engineer as taxi drivers, sure we have the most educated taxi and Uber drivers…

My role as Leader of Quebec Cosmopolitain, is to tailgate the Government to make sure they deliver what they promised. I will expose new ideas and strategies to help them find new solutions to the same problems… I will place a good structure for Quebec Cosmopolitain to get qualified candidates and to recruit new members. I will be proactive. I will listen to you and bring forward recommendations. I am counting on your participation to bring forward your ideas and opinions.

We will be ready for a great 2019 with positive actions to make Quebec better. The next federal election will be in October 2019. There are new world movements that will surely affect us here. Quebec is still a safe place to be.

I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a safe prosperous New Year 2019. May God bless you all!


Kamal G. Lutfi


Quebec Cosmopolitain




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