Presenting myself in the Acadie riding

I am Kamal G. Lutfi leader of Quebec Cosmopolitain.  I am presenting myself in the Acadie riding of Montreal for the Provincial elections.

Why the Acadie riding:

It represents many people from the different ethnic backgrounds. Known as the small Beirut because of its apartment buildings. Over the years Lebanese, Egyptian and Syrian communities chose the Acadie riding as their home. Many middle eastern supermarkets and restaurants are very popular here. The famous Adonis supermarket that became an icon and a true success story made by Lebanese entrepreneur. The Dollarama empire that started by Larry Rossy. Metro and McBain bought them for billions of dollars…

The outline of the riding:

To the Western limit highway 15 north through O’Brien street that becomes Sainte-Croix. You pass Vanier and Saint-Laurent Colleges down to highway 40.

North to the limit of the island of Montreal and the river.

East is the Saint Laurent Boulevard that cuts through Montreal from south to north. Famous for its manufacturing sector around the Chabannel area.

South is highway 40 that travels through Montreal.

Two main boulevards:

Côte-Vertu Boulevard six lanes that reduce to four. It travels from west to east. One major area the Montpellier that has many apartment buildings and access to the train stop. 

Acadie Boulevard six lanes that give access to Marché Central and an industrial area. It ends in residential sectors. Many parks are along the way. It has the beautiful Saint-Sauveur Church that serves a large community. 

The Central Market has a big shopping area including Costco, Best Buy, and Staples. Amir and Cora Restaurants had their startups here. Now they franchised stores across Quebec.

People are very friendly. They like life and celebrate it to the fullest. Enjoying diversity and preserving the traditions they integrate well with Quebec values. Most residents master three languages. Their children’s education is a very important goal for them.

Entrepreneurship is one main attributes of the population. The Phoenicians were the merchants of the Mediterranean sea. A great number of successful entrepreneurs started in Acadie riding. Education is another important issue for the many families. Religion is present in their daily routine and they are faithful people with different believes and they all strive together.

I am looking forward to greeting all citizens and share the ideology and objectives of Quebec Cosmopolitan Party. 

Kamal G. Lutfi



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  1. 28/08/2018 Kamal G. Lutfi

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