Poverty vs Prosperity

Montreal has become one of the poorest cities in Canada. A sad situation that translates to thousands on social welfare. Since my arrival on August 13, 1976, to Canada, I never felt so hopeless towards changes that took place. So many stores vacant all around the city.

I recall the busy streets like Duluth and Prince Arthur where people waited in line at the hundreds of restaurant. People made less income but were able to do more and live a happy life. My clients every month end have to struggle to put food on the table. Why? All actual Political Parties failed over the last 30 to 40 years.
Political uncertainty. Unfair taxation. Abusive policies that made many leave the province. The trend will continue to happen…

Once elected in October 2018,

Québec Cosmopolitan will raise the minimum wages to FIFTEEN DOLLARS an hour.

We will also introduce the

new concept of FIVE HOURS a day work shift.

We did the math and here is the answer:

5 hours a day X $15 = $75  working 5 days X $75 =  $375

8 hours a day X $12 = $96  working 5 days X $96 = $480

After deductions at source at the basic single status, the difference is only $69 that you worked for one hour lunch plus the extra hours for a total weekly shift of 20 hours extra or $3.45 an hour !!!

An example of the five-hour shift you can start at 8:00 AM and finish at 1:00 PM. You save the lunch money and can go home early or attend a course or enjoy your children and family. No rush hours on the streets and you will have a healthy lifestyle where work and play at its best.

If different companies start their shifts at different hours there will be less congestion on the roads. You can increase your earnings by working another 5 hours shift. Combining two shifts will increase your tax bill. You can plan to invest in your RRSP. You have more options like buying a home or continuing a postgraduate program… Don’t forget you increased your take-home income and can do more for yourself and family… It is only the beginning.

Québec Cosmopolitan wants to put the wheel of prosperity in motion.

Business owners will increase profitability. You will have a productive workforce. For the restaurant industry, it will be a perfect combination as you can maximize the busy hours and save the slow periods… It’s a win-win situation

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