Launching Cosmopolitan Quebec

.Welcome to Cosmopolitan Quebec.

Mission Statement:

We stand for social justice, solidarity, economic growth, environmental sustainability and for a strong Québec at the scale of Canadian Unity.

The welcoming Quebec:

My journey started on August 13th, 1976. I landed at Mirabel airport. I was just nineteen years old. Leaving the Lebanese Civil war. I had $50 in my pocket. Now I celebrate my 42 ND anniversary in the beautiful Province of Québec.

Over the years, I have accumulated many life and professional experiences. I have traveled the country and met thousands of people. Establishing my new roots in Montreal, I raised my family and children. Now I want to give back to Québec society. We can make Quebec the best province in Canada. We have the winning combination.

My calling to duty: 

On March 8th, 2018, I wake up suddenly at 4:30 AM. I got in my office. Armed with a pen and a copybook, without hesitation, I wrote the vision that came to me of the new Party. It is with great humility, I am launching the new political Party called Cosmopolitan Quebec. Creating the Party is a must today more than ever. For the last 42 years, I have witnessed and worked with the main political parties. But today’s world context and eagerness for change shall pave the way to  Cosmopolitan Quebec to progress and prosper.

Québec Cosmopolitain will be the your WILD card in the deck. Your new viable option that answers to your aspirations. Vote for Cosmopolitan Quebec. Be part of the dynamics. I promise you!

You will be the winners: 

We believe in achieving our common goals by being United Quebecers. Together we shall overcome the ever-changing challenges of the 21st century and beyond. Our plans and goals are for the long-term.

My commitment to Quebecers:

I am ready for the October 1, 2018 Provincial Elections. Support us and we promise you to take our government responsibilities and duties very seriously. Our goals and processes will deliver first-in-class achievements and solutions to keep Quebecers healthy, prosperous and safe.

We are already a proud nation within the Canadian constitution.

You can help us, with your experience, values, aspirations, so we can change Québec.

REGISTER NOW as a full Member of Québec Cosmopolitan. Your donation will be appreciated. 


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