Yes…I pulled my name out of the ballot

September 15th, 2018 was the last day to submit the signed declaration to the General Director of Elections. I took the decision not to submit my declaration.

I will not be running in the elections and my name will not be on your ballot.

Since early March 2018, I have been working on creating and registering the vision of a new political Party in Quebec. On June 22nd, 2018 great success as the New Quebec Cosmopolitain Party was officially recognized as part of the 22 Parties in Quebec provincial politics.

It is a tremendous achievement for me. Today I can say that my mission is accomplished. I continue to be Founder and Leader of the new vision of a united Quebec within Canada.

The Provincial elections will take place on October 1rst 2018. I have been campaigning since August 23 and never stopped a minute to bring the mission to thousands of people. Your responses and interest gave me more energy to continue.

I am so confident I would win.

One main issue that affected my decision, is the media coverage. A consensus to cover the four known Parties. From surveys to newspapers, on television, you hardly hear anything about the other eighteen eligible parties.  

The second issue is obviously the coming election is nothing but an elimination period.  The last televised political debate exposed how promises are irrealistic. The four leaders did not score any points but showed more their weaknesses.

Putting my name will split the vote and the results may defeat the purpose.

The third issue is the visibility and recognition. During the past few months, I participated in festivals and other political events. As an official Party in Quebec, the protocol dictates that all levels of government officials be present and get recognized.  We are in an election campaign so the least announcement during the campaigns can help us to meet with citizens. We need the visibility and participation of everyone to change and improve our lives in Quebec. Our ideas will serve all citizens.

Respect the courageous people who are behind their Parties.

The final blow, I attended a big gathering in the honor of Mr. Gebran Basil the Foreign affairs Minister in the Lebanese Government. Again not a word or a presentation about any provincial public personality. Mr. Basil is the leader of a major Lebanese Party. It is a political event to celebrate the Lebanese diaspora in Canada that groups over 450,000 emigrants.  Announcing the new Party Quebec Cosmopolitain and myself as Leader from Lebanese origin would have pleased the Minister and gave him great news to bring back to the Lebanese people around the world. This is his mandate to promote Lebanon and meet the diaspora around the globe.

I need the support and backing of all communities.

It is an amazing journey and I am grateful to God to have given me the energy to pursue it. I met so many of you and I want to thank you for your encouraging comments and support. My strategy to stop and watch will prove me right I am sure. My determination to continue to serve Quebec and its citizens.

So many of you were pleased with the mission of Quebec Cosmopolitain Party. I will make it accessible to you all. The journey just started.

 I will have candidates all over the province.

I encourage you to be part of Quebec Cosmopolitain Party.

I will be exercising my important act to cast my vote. I encourage you to do so.

This Election will be an eliminating period between the four Parties. With promises of over 40 billion dollars and a very basic debate, you can expect many surprises in the final results. I will be watching the fight. You either vote for or vote against the present government.

Your vote to Quebec Cosmopolitain is very precious.

Make it useful by casting your ballot against the present government. 

You will show your support to help Quebec Cosmopolitain Party fight a minority government and form the new government in the next election campaign. It may happen in less than two years…

In the meantime, I will be working on increasing our base and financing. I will have a base of hundreds of potential candidates that will be available. The information and articles will be covering the political scenes. I encourage you to visit our website and blog. You can register at l will continue to bring forward changes and ideas. We can keep in touch through our social and business channels. Thanks again for your support.

Kamal G. Lutfi,         Founder and Leader of Quebec Cosmopolitain Party

You can write me directly at


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