Nationalism VS Patriotism

Nationalism, simply put, is each Quebecer’s right and duty to showcase his pride for his Nation. More importantly, his willingness to be its faithful servant. His day to day activities must reflect the love he has for his beloved Québec…

Displaying the Québec Flag is a manifestation of our countrymen’s nationalism. Performing the simple yet honorable duty of hosting the Flag already speak volumes!

We have to make efforts to be welcoming and cultivate our sense of belonging In Québec. We are One Nation and act as One united people!  I love the diversity of our cities and villages. we have a lot to share together. We are happy proud people who can express our love and open our homes to share a united strong Québec…

Québec Cosmopolitan will bring back the joy and happiness people forgot.

We have to cultivate our Nationalism. We are Citizen of the world. Our mission to protect and defend our best interest.

Québec Cosmopolitain will propose a National Quebec Military Service.

Within the Canadian Armed Forces and with the proper regulations, this Military Service will add the missing element to our young people who need some guidance and support.

A session of Reservist after finishing CEGEP, that last about 45 days, will be a step forward for our children to learn how to be independent and get the confidence in themselves. For students that drop out at earlier ages, they will have to enroll in the service. They will continue their studies and will get the support and confidence that they need to face life in general.

All Reservists will have a special status for the future. They can get their education all paid up. We will guarantee them a prosperous career with the Government.

Reservists will be the backbone of the economy. In case of natural disaster or floods or ice storms, they will respond.

Let’s show our sense of belonging and commitment to our Québec Nation.




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