Québec COSMO COIN to offset deficit

Governments come and go but no real solutions to offset the deficit in Québec.

Québec Cosmopolitain will create its own cryptocurrency called the COSMO COIN. It is unique and not tied to the volatility of cryptocurrencies. It is rather a blockchain system combining an investment and saving aspect while paying the deficit it will give a tax reduction to its holders.

COSMO COIN will be tied to your provincial taxes.

Securely coded to the social insurance number of an individual. It will be traded against your tax bills from different levels. You can also use it for all government services. Municipal taxes – welcome tax – GST QST reporting – Personal income tax – and other related services as needed.

How does it work with over 200 billion dollars in actual deficit right now?

COSMO COIN will be presented in different series or IPO determined in advance depending on the amount invested and the period chosen.

Simple example Québec Cosmopolitain Government will issue a first series of ICO of 500 million dollars for taxes 2019 at 10% discount. Taxpayers have an idea of what they need to pay in taxes from their extra investment rental properties or even installments payments. So if you owe $10,000 in 2019 you can buy today COSMO COIN at $9,000 to offset your tax bill in a year later. The difference will be calculated as investment income and added to your taxes. You are still ahead of the game by an extra 5% tax free.

If you want the 2020 series then you will buy COSMO COIN at 20% discount and so on.

It will work like a bond and a coupon you buy and can be used to pay for your taxes and services.

This is also valid for corporations holding millions and billions in their holding companies that can convert some of the cash into COSMO COINS with more tax incentives to follow…

WIN WIN situation 

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