Québec Government will regulate Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is here to stay. Québec will lead the way.

Québec Cosmopolitain will implement a complete overhaul of cryptocurrencies in Québec. the Cosmopolitain Government will operate its own cryptocurrency. It will promote blockchain technologies in all applicable industries. It will create a proper reporting tax system to control abuse and crime.

Quebecers will be able to report their gains or losses.

By setting proper standards and reporting systems, it will encourage businesses to trust dealing with its own Quebec cryptocurrencies. Since the cost of electricity is one of the cheapest in Québec. The cold climate is a perfect combination.

The government involvement will create a five billion dollars in annual income.

It will encourage developing new efficient techniques like using FPGA versus the common antimers from China. 

The creation of new industries related to the clean production using the surplus of electric power that Hydro Québec is wasting over a million dollar a day.

The Government will encourage new educational programs for this new booming industry. Eventually, we can be manufacturing electronic devices and miners for investors to use.

We will ban all other operations in Québec to control the industry. They have to operate according to the new rules or close.


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