”Quebec is for All”

Quebec cosmopolitain chooses its official Slogan for October1, 2018 elections:

”Quebec is for All” 

”Le Québec est pour Tous”

We believe that the diversity of Quebecers make up its uniqueness and its distinct society. Our strength is focused on our willingness to be united to face the coming challenges of our existence.

In the last forty years, the Parti Québecois has built walls between the people in our society. Trying to push the fear of separation will just turning against its militants and their leaders to the point of extinction in the next 31 days left to October’s elections…

People are tired of the bickering. the economy is at its worst for years. Taxes are at their highest level ever in Québec. The people are holding on hoping to have a real change once for all.

Quebec Cosmopolitain is very confident to have its place and will make sure that people will get back their dignity and their sense of enjoying life. Prosperity and peace of mind will contribute to their families and future generations.

The only way to move forward is being in a real ”Quebec for All”…



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