Breaking people’s lives:

Before bringing new immigrants to this country, let’s clean our house first. The number of people on social assistance continues to grow. Quebec claims there is a shortage of manpower or cheap labor. Many well-educated professionals are not working in their field of specialization. The foreign diplomas are not properly recognized. Quebec government claims that certain communities are abusing of the unemployment and social assistance programs…

I say enough is enough. Now the latest trend of receiving walking claimant for refugees status right at the Canadain American border. 

Governments are bringing new immigrants that are leaving their home country. All that for the American dream. They bring their money. They buy a house a car and furniture. Register their kids in private schools. Finally, they try to get their diplomas recognized. Now the biggest surprise the diploma is useless unless they go back three or four years on the academic levels. They spent all their savings and don’t have any credit record to ask for a loan. They have no Canadian experience to work. they don’t master the French language… Total disaster…They get stuck into the system. They are obliged to follow French courses that are sometimes inefficient. they have no time to earn their living. They ran out of money to go back. The solution is available and accessible. They go on welfare or work cash. Eventually, They end up with nothing. The little they accumulated in their country of origin, the small pension that they are entitled become all taxable in Canada.

Immigration should be halted immediately except for family unification.

The Government has to hire people on social assistance first before even considering newcomers. Many families are living on social assistance from generation to generation. The amount they receive is not enough obviously so they force people to cheat the system and work cash to get enough money to survive.

It is costing taxpayers billions of dollars to support unproductive measures. That needs to change.

 Let’s get our people working first.

Let’s clean our house and set up new programs to accelerate the integration and jobs for the newcomers. Check my blog on Poverty VS property for real solutions.


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