Taxing everything more and more

In 2016, the Liberal Government received 3.2 Billion dollars assessed by Revenue Québec. Representing 83,000 taxpayers that were assessed an average of $17,000 each for Sales Taxes GST and QST…

Since 2015, Revenue Québec has been very harsh and bullied many taxpayers. Many of them paid their bill because they couldn’t fight it back like the rich individuals and corporations do… Go on YOUTUBE and listen to the many horror stories… Look around how many businesses closed their doors because of the abusive and random approach to taxation. Many auditors are less than qualified but have to follow quotas to maintain their jobs.

Cosmopolitan Quebec will bring a major overhaul and end to the extortion.

On one hand, the GST was a temporary measure by the Mulroney Government. Soon after the provinces followed suit by adding their own provincial sales tax.

In reality, Revenue Québec asks businesses to register voluntarily to GST QST tax number when their sales or revenues surpass $7,500 per quarter or $30,000 per year.

Cosmopolitan Quebec will raise this limit to register to $60,000 a year.

The reasoning behind the idea is that most businesses earning less than $60,000 are ending making losses and ask for refunds instead.

This will be the first step to stabilize the system.

Giving small businesses a chance to concentrate on earning their livelihood away from bureaucracy and avoiding the suicide situation if they neglected to report due to penalties and interests.

The taxi industry is penalized by the sales taxes. There is no sales tax added but assumed included in the income of the Taxi driver.

The main purpose of Cosmopolitan Quebec is to give small businesses an edge as they will be tax-free sales…

Cosmopolitan Quebec will unify the tax reporting to one Federal report managed by the Canada Revenu Agency.

The savings in managing the operations will be returned to the taxpayers.

Like the rest of Tax reporting in most Canadian Provinces.






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